Holiday 2020: Ticket to ride!

It may be the country’s best connected region, but there are plenty more reasons to stay

Just about an hour’s drive from central Copenhagen, the south of Zealand has numerous activities and places to visit over the summer period.

It offers a wide range of activities, from museums and geocenters, to castles, hiking trails, and even a UNESCO world heritage site.

Escape routes
It’s also an area of Denmark teeming with travel options: from heading west to Funen to opting south to Møn and Falster.

The latter, of course, provides the ultimate escape route as it leads on to Lolland and its southerly port of Gedser, which provides a regular ferry service to Rostock in northern Germany.

Denmark’s Eiffel Tower
The newly-erected Camp Adventure is ideal for all ages. A 3.2km trek along a wooden boardwalk takes you through an enchanted forest setting to and from the Forest Tower, where a large-scale spiralling walkway takes you to the top of an architectural wonder. Some 95 metres above sea level and overlooking the forest canopy, the views are stupendous. On the way in, it’s possible to book Junior into the extensive ten-course climbing park, where tricky obstacles and zip line exultation await in abundance.

Cretaceously speaking
There’s more to the Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage Centre than its picture perfect chalk cliffs and the 17 km coastline trek and bragging rights that come with its completion. The area was marked out by UNESCO in 2014 because in amongst its cliffs is perhaps one of the best exposed Cretaceous-Tertiary boundaries in the world – the closest we’ve got to documentary evidence of the meteor that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Unlike all the big meteors since that fateful day 65.5 millions years ago, this is an attraction you cannot miss!

Bunkering down
It’s funny to think that just 30 years ago there was barely 800 km of uninterrupted water between the southeastern coast of Denmark and the Soviet Union (modern day Lithuania). Thus, when Stevensfortet was built on the Stevens Klint cliffs, the fort was very much located on the very frontline of defence during the Cold War. Today it is a museum complete with 1.7 km of secretive corridors carved out of the limestone of the cliffs, which were built to withstand the fallout of a nuclear war. Make sure you take the guided tour 18 metres below ground level to check out the underground bunkers.

Fossil finding in Faxe
Some 63 million years ago, the Faxe Limestone Quarry was completely covered by water, and today you can still find remnants of this period when you visit. At the Geomuseum of Faxe, you can borrow a hammer and chisel and go hunting for fossils hidden within the limestone. The geomuseum also offers guided fossil hunts. The limestone quarry is often used in films and, because of the special lighting and the clear blue waters, the limestone quarry is also a popular destination for professional photoshoots.

Fairy-tale fortress
The beautiful castle in South Zealand built over 600 years ago offers a fairy-tale experience for all. Take the tour around Gavnø Castle, where among other things, you will find Scandinavia’s most colourful church room in the castle chapel. Not only can you visit the castle, but also the park, the church, the brewery and the Go Fly courses.

Hotel of hygge
Built back in the 1800s, Hotel Frederiksminde has since been restored in its original romantic style. You must go, even if only to sample the view from its Michelin star restaurant – it is truly breathtaking. Better still, stay the night. Surrounded by its own forest, Hotel Frederiksminde oversees Præstø Fjord – upon entering the hotel you’ll quickly understand the Danish ‘hygge’ that everyone is constantly talking about.

Tale of the trail
The Camøno, also known as ‘the kingdom’s friendliest hiking trail’, extends over 175 km across Møn, Bogø and Nyord. You pass through the area’s beautiful scenery, along breathtaking coastlines, through cosy little villages and past several breathtaking sights. This trail was created in 2016 and is well known by most hikers. This trail is suitable for families, friends and for skilled hikers.