Summer back on! Heatwave on the horizon

Temperatures set to soar this coming weekend on back of coldest July in over two decades 

It all looked so promising at the end of June. 

A solid spring had provided some relief for those stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown, and the whole country was chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy July as Denmark reopened. 

Alas, the month ended up being a massive disappointment – morphing into the coldest of its kind in 22 years. 

However, August looks set to get off to a good start. The past few days have been nice and there’s more summer glee on the horizon. 

Temperatures are expected to turn up a notch on Wednesday, already leading up to a weekend that could offer temperatures in the low 30s.

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Loads of sunshine
That trend could continue into next week, so there is a good chance that Denmark will hit a nationwide heatwave – with temperatures exceeding 28 degrees in at least 50 percent of the country.

According to the ten-day prediction by the national weather forecaster DMI, the warm weather looks poised to continue until at least August 12.

One disclaimer might be that coastal areas will see lower temperatures due to more wind and cooler temperatures coming off the sea.