PM: New coronavirus lockdown not necessary

However, Mette Frederiksen did state that Denmark is closer than ever to making face masks mandatory

As Denmark continues to grapple with a spike in new coronavirus cases, the PM, Mette Frederiksen, said in a TV2 News interview today that a new lockdown is not required.

Frederiksen contended that, while locking down the country in March was the correct move at the time, the government would go far to avoid another shut down.

“It’s simply too expensive for Denmark and not necessary now,” Frederiksen told TV2.

“Back then we needed to bust out the big hammer to curb the infection rate. We’ve always known the coronavirus would return, but now we will use the local hammer.”

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Obligatory face masks?
However, the PM did underline that mandatory use of face masks across Denmark could become a reality.

In fact, Frederiksen said that Denmark was closer than ever before to making face masks obligatory.

Currently, the government recommends people to use face masks when taking congested public transport.

The news comes as new figures from the State Serum Institute showed that there were at least 756 new cases of coronavirus in Denmark last week (August 9 not accounted for yet) – up from 494 the prior week and 247 the week before that.