Local Round-Up: Funding solution for docking ships should cut pollution considerably

Elsewhere, Courtyard of the Future is doing its best to eliminate wastage of rainwater that falls on our roofs

For many years, environmentalists have been raising awareness of how docking ships cause untold pollution in Danish ports by keeping their engines on to maintain their electricity.

But now, according to By & Havn, the EU is allocating 60 million kroner to implement onshore power supply (OPS) systems in the ports of Aarhus and Copenhagen, which will permit ships to connect with onshore electricity supplies when they dock.

The implementation will help reduce CO2, NOx and particulate emissions as well as reduce air pollution in the port areas.

Ships still calling
Despite there being a distinct lack of cruise ships in the port of Copenhagen this year, there are still frequent visitors that will be able to use the OPS.

Copenhagen Malmö Port recently revealed that cargo ships are taking more intermediate stops on their journeys due to the pandemic.

The shipping company NCL last week called at Copenhagen Port with two of its ships: Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Encore.

On a typical stopover, a ship might change its crew, receive technical support and take on provisions.

Paper, stone, delivers! More public housing earmarked for Copenhagen
Copenhagen Municipality has announced plans to build 300 new homes on the harbour island of Papirøen, which is situated nearby Christiansholm and used to host the Copenhagen Street Food market, will soon be ready. Among them will be 90 public housing units, including 63 family homes and 22 designated for youngsters. The new homes are spread out across three seven-storey buildings. In order to green light the project, Copenhagen’s Citizens’ Representation must adopt the share capital loan on 20 August. Construction is expected to start at the end of 2020.

New courtyards equipped with rainwater-saving systems
According to Copenhagen Municipality, the inauguration of a new courtyard on Askøgade in Østerbro, on August 21 at 16:00, will demonstrate a new environment-friendly rainwater management system developed as part of its Courtyard of the Future project. Similar systems, in which roof water is contained and used by the courtyard, are currently being implemented in courtyards situated by Straussvej in Sydhavnen and Tomsgårdsvej in Nordvest. Courtyard of the Future’s overall aim is to develop innovative rainwater solutions and architecture that blends well into the urban space.

Tivoli offering Danish gastronomy experience
The Tivoli Food & Wine Festival is taking place from 29 August to 20 September. Danish Agriculture & Food Council is a co-organiser of the event. Among the highlights offering offers many different gastro experiences, Tivoli will serve smørrebrød that celebrate food and wine. Register at tivoli.dk to take part in the various events.

Vesterbro’s culture festival to help musicians
Vesterbro Local Committee is organising an initiative dedicated to musicians under financial pressure due to the Coronavirus Crisis. The event ‘Lights on Vesterbro’ aims to find funds to help artists with proper distance and scheduling, VesterbroLiv reports. A total of 34 cultural events are planned in the neighbourhood’s cafes and pubs from September 3-6. The committee earlier set aside more than 200,000 kroner for the event. Each artist can be covered by a tariff corresponding to 2,500 kroner