Government unveils early pension proposal

If you’ve worked for at least 42 years, you can retire early at get just over 13,500 kroner per month … depending on what job you’ve had

One of the key platforms of PM Mette Frederiksen’s campaign for the 2019 General Election was restructuring the Danish pension system to allow worn-out workers to retire early.

Well, the government has come through with that pledge today, unveiling a new proposal that will allow people who have been in the Danish labour market for at least 42 years to retire early and receive 13,550 kroner a month before tax.

“Every day there are Danes who have to go to work with pain in the knee, back or shoulders. We want to add an initiative to those who have paid taxes for a long time and worked the toughest jobs,” said Frederiksen.

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Depends on the job
The proposal includes a model whereby people can retire a year earlier than the pension age if they’ve worked 42 years – and two years earlier for 43 years and three years earlier for 44 years. The demands will rise as the national pension age increases.

However, not everyone will have the right to embrace early pension, as it depends a lot on the industries in which people work.

For instance, among workers in metal and food production, over 60 percent of union members can gain the right to retire early, but only around 5 percent of academics and teachers can.

Read more about the proposal in the fact box below or download the entire proposal here (in Danish).