Hen Party vs Hot Wings – marriage of the century

If you thought the recent weather was as warm as it got, you hadn’t reckoned on the atomic heat coming out of the kitchen at The Globe

This ‘Hen Party’ had been waiting for a suitable venue since 1908. 

Other than Miss Havisham’s best efforts to get them into Chippendales, they’ve been all out of ideas. 

But then somebody mentioned ‘Hot Wings Wednesdays at The Globe!’

Hen Party meets a spicy chicken fiesta … something just clicked, and it wasn’t the bride-in-waiting’s prosthetic hip. 

Havisham: Give me Hellboy!
Available every Wednesday night until September 16, diners are offered five different levels of heat: mild, smoky, spicy, extra spicy and the Atomic Heat of The Hellboy.

“Hell, give me anything that includes a boy,” said Havisham, who to be fair doesn’t get out much these days. “I haven’t had anything hot inside me since 1856.”  

But can she handle the heat? “This is an EXTREME hot sauce with a grade of 10+++. This dish will come with a disclaimer, a set of gloves, a select serving of the wings tossed in this sauce,” warns The Globe. 

The wings are served with a glass of milk the perfect way to cool down your palate should you eat something spicy.

Forgo the milk and you’ll win yourself a beer for completing the plate. As the Globe says: “Get in, get a beer, get brave and get SPICY!!!”

Thank god it’s Friday
And it doesn’t stop with the wings. Following Thursday’s wedding, the Hen Party will undoubtedly be seeking some fried food to soak up the excesses of two nights on the plonk.

Up to and including September 25, they can enjoy ‘Fish´n´Chips Fridays at The Globe Irish Pub’ a rare opportunity in the capital to find out what all the fuss is about regarding the British Isles’ favourite dish.

High quality fillets of cod have been sourced from the waters of the nearby Baltic and soaked in a batter swimming with Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc “a delicious citrus wheat beer that complements the fish superbly!” – which can also be enjoyed by the glass.

Available until the last piece of fish is sold, don’t turn up late and make it a ‘Miss ´n´Chips Fridays’.