Victim raped our mother, claim Bornholm brothers suspected of racist killing

The brothers who admit to killing a 28-year-old black man on Bornholm at the end of June have given an explanation for the violence that led to his death, and it wasn’t racially-motivated, they insist.

Huge speculation
When news broke of the man’s death, the media was awash with speculation that it was an act of racism. 

A knee had been applied to the back of the victim’s neck, in similar fashion to how US police killed George Floyd in May, and one of the suspects has a tattoo of a swastika on his leg.

However, the authorities were fiercely guarded about the case, threatening to charge anyone who shared the names or photos of the suspects on social media.

Meanwhile, many came forward to reveal that the brothers. aged 25 and 23, knew the victim beforehand, and that the elder of the two was actually a good friend of his.

‘He raped our mother’
At a court hearing at Bornholm Court this morning, the brothers admitted responsibility for causing the man’s death, and their lawyer has contended they had a strong motive.

He alleges the victim raped his mother – one of a series of sexual transgressions.

However, Bornholm Police insists it was previously unaware of the motive.

Not racism
Reading from a statement the younger of the two brothers gave to police, the lawyer said: “It had nothing to do with [racism].”

The brothers arranged to meet the victim at a shelter in Nordskoven to drink some beer in order to teach him “a lesson”, the statement further revealed, but the violence got out of hand.

An autopsy attributed the victim’s death to the sheer amount of violence he was subjected to.

Remaining in custody
At the court hearing, the judge ruled that the younger brother must remain in custody for a further four weeks.

The elder brother had already waived his right to ask to be released.