Local Round-Up: Copenhagen’s beaches should be smoke-free, vows healthcare mayor

The Copenhagen healthcare mayor, Sisse Marie Welling, is formulating a proposal to make Copenhagen’s beaches smoke-free.

The mayor believes it’s harmful to people’s health and gives a wrong impression to children that smoking is natural.

If the proposal gets adapted, smoking-ban signs will be built and the green ashtrays currently available to beach-going smokers will be removed.

Denmark got its first smoke-free beach last year at Tisvildeleje.

Lynetteholm will have metro and road connection to the capital
The Ministry of Transport and Housing and the City of Copenhagen agree there is a possibility that the proposed urban island district of Lynetteholm could get a Metro connection and access to  Østlig Ringvej, according to preliminary studies published today. Lynetteholm is the name given to a new city district located on a proposed artificial island built in the Øresund between Nordhavn and Refshaleøen by 2070. The announced connections to the area will improve access to Copenhagen Airport and the Øresund area. With its location the new sustainable district will help to secure the city against floods and storm surges. Some ​​2.8 sq km in size, Lynetteholm is expected to house 35,000 Copenhageners and create many jobs.

Large developments perfectly tolerable in the city – report
According to an analysis of traffic flow in the metropolitan area, several large development projects can take place in the city centre without creating severe traffic jams. Previously the city’s plans to maintain and develop the roads concerned politicians. The recently-published analysis reveals that developments can be carried out with only moderate challenges, such as the re-routing of bus routes or closure of parking lots. However the Vesterport Banegrav project appears to be pricey – for example, the expense of rearranging junctions and lanes comes in at an estimated cost of 59 million kroner.

Larger but fewer bins to arrive
Copenhagen is replacing a fair number of the city’s rubbish bins with bigger ones that come with lids to prevent birds making a mess. They will be larger to address the increasing amount of rubbish, according to the City of Copenhagen, but there will be fewer of them. Of the city’s 5,400 bins, 842 will be removed, but only 339 new ones will be installed – all by the end of 2021.

Wish your benches to be nearby!
Copenhagen Municipality is installing another 500 benches around the city – in addition to the thousands already in the city. The municipality has launched a map where citizens can mark where they wish a bench to stand. The municipality will take the wishes into consideration.

Østerbro living in fear of car-racers
In light of residents’ fears concerning organised car-racing on Østerbro’s streets, Copenhagen Police has promised an increased presence, reports ØsterbroLiv. Large groups of cars and motorcycles have been gathering at the corner of Århusgade and Strandboulevarden for racing over the summer. Copenhagen Police told the media that “risky driving is both unacceptable and dangerous”, and and that it will increase its presence where the racing takes place. However one of the active people in the car-racing community believes that they will be back in the area once the police move their attention elsewhere.

Frederiksberg residents donate organs the most
Frederiksberg Municipality has the most residents over the age of 15 who have signed up as organ donors, reports FrederiksbergLiv. Some 28.1 percent are signed up. Last year 276 kidneys, 30 hearts, 30 sets of lungs, 64 livers and six pancreases were transplanted in Denmark. In general, there is a significant shortage of kidneys.