First step in big Copenhagen project to be taken

Geotechnical surveys of the Nordhavn Tunnel project to commence this month

According to the road directorate Vejdirektoratet, the first step in the construction of the massive Nordhavn Tunnel project in Copenhagen is about to begin.

This month Vejdirektoratet will commence geotechnical surveys of Svanemølle Bay and Nordhavn along the 1.4 km stretch that the tunnel is proposed to be constructed. 

Contractor Per Aarsleff will undertake the surveys, which signals the first step in the actual construction and site consolidation process. 

Geotechnical surveying involves gathering information regarding soil and rock consistency, groundwater and other aspects pertaining to subsurface conditions.

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Extension potential
The survey will provide an insight into the conditions from Svanemøllehavnen, Kalkbrænderiløbet, Nordhavn and Færgehavn Nord.

The tunnel is expected to better link the outer Nordhavn area with the rest of Østerbro, but there is a possibility that the city could further extend the tunnel to reach across to Amager and thus divert a significant portion of traffic away from the city centre.

That link could include the planned ‘Lynetteholmen’ artificial island, of which construction is set to start in 2035.

The geotechnical surveys and accompanying lab reports are expected to be completed over 4-5 months.

The 3.4 billion kroner project is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2027.

Read more about it here (in Danish).

(photo: Vejdirektoratet)