National Round-Up: Historic J-Day cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

Elsewhere, two reported dead in small plane crash on the island of Fur

The long-held tradition of J-Day (J-Dag) is taking a break this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, DR reported on Tuesday.

Carlsberg has confirmed it will not be distributing any free Christmas beers on the first Friday of November.

No blue Santa outfits
Traditionally, its Tuborg Julebryg is released at 20:59. Girls in blue Santa outfits, large green trucks and snow machines have been known to make an appearance.

But Carlsberg believes it isn’t feasible to start planning a party right now. The beer will still go on sale though.

Official celebration since 1990
The Tuborg Julebryg was first launched in 1981. J-Day has been unofficially celebrated since 1985, and then officially since 1990.

It was originally celebrated on the second Wednesday of November, but was switched to Friday in 1999 after complaints that many young people weren’t turning up to school the next day.

Denmark registers 112 new coronavirus cases
Sunday saw 112 new coronavirus cases registered in Denmark, reported DR – a number exceeding the previous seven days’ total by seven! The number of hospitalised patients remains at 21, of which only four are critical. A total of 624 deaths have been recorded since the virus broke out, along with 16,891 infections.

Most Europeans want to travel more or the same despite pandemic – study
A study conducted by ferry company Stena Line has revealed that a significant number of customers are still open to planning and taking holidays despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the 84,309 participants from 11 European countries, 3,354 were Danish.

Two dead in Fur plane crash
Police on Sunday confirmed that two passengers had died in a plane crash on the island of Fur in the Limfjord. In addition, two others were shifted to a hospital. stated that the authorties had been notified in the late afternoon that a small plane had crashed.

Queen likely to receive pay rise
Queen Margrethe is expected to receive a pay raise that will take her annual state allowance up to 89.3 million kroner, TV2 reported. The revisions were made in the finance bill presented on Monday. The queen’s current ‘salary’ is 87.9 million kroner.