More coronavirus restrictions expected, says government

Government health spokesperson warns of local measure to combat the spread of the virus, calling for increased alertness and caution among the population

With the recent surge in coronavirus cases showing no sign of waning of its own accord, the government has suggested we should prepare for further restrictions across Denmark.

This follows the reintroduction of restrictions in Odense and 17 Copenhagen municipalities last week.

Local solutions
Talking to TV2, the Socialdemokratiet health spokesperson, Rasmus Horn Langhoff, warned that “we must expect – unfortunately – to see more restrictions”.

However he refused to comment on the exact nature of these restrictions, but suggested instead that “tailor-made, local solutions” may provide a way to implement a more targeted and less disruptive approach to tackling the resurgence in cases.

Last week, restrictions were introduced in Odense, Copenhagen and 16 other municipalities. They included the lowering of the number allowed to assemble to 50 and forcing bars and restaurants to close at midnight.

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Put to the test
These troubling new developments come in the wake of a week in which Denmark has seen its highest number of infection cases since April: a pattern emerging across much of Europe.

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Part of this increased case-load is being put down to a successful testing system, with far more people being tested now than in April. This would suggest that a great deal of cases went unregistered when the virus first landed in Denmark, and that the rate of successful diagnosis is now much higher.

Still, Langhoff called for heightened awareness and continued perseverance in the face of the continuing virus threat, saying “we must continue to be very attentive and take this very seriously”.