Denmark advises against unnecessary travel to … Denmark

Authorities would now be forced to recommend against travel to the country as Denmark crosses infection threshold

Thirty infections per 100,000 is the point at which only necessary travel to a country is recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If it were held to that standard itself, the government would be in the unfortunate position of having to dissuade travellers from entering its own borders.

Visitors beware
According to the latest data from the SSI, there are currently 30.02 infections per 100,000 in Denmark, just sneaking over the threshold set by the travel authorities. In real terms, this amounts to 3,486 infections recorded in the first two weeks of September.

It comes as the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has recommended the introduction of new travel restrictions for Denmark which could see it labelled as a ‘closed’ country in the near future.

Norway is not the only country to be keeping an eye on the increased rate of infection here. The Capital Region recently crossed the 50 infections per 100,000 threshold put in place by the German authorities.

Contain the spread
Of course, the travel threshold has no bearing on Denmark’s own residents, but it does serve as a warning of the arrival of a potential second wave in the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, new restrictions came into force in the capital regarding the early closure of bars and restaurants, an increase in the number of spaces in which face-masks must be worn, and a reduction in the permitted number of spectators at football matches.

The restrictions will remain in place until at least October 1.