Parts of Denmark wake up to the first frost of the autumn

Tomorrow will be warmer though: temperatures are expected to climb to 21 degrees on what promises to be a gloriously sunny Saturday

Denmark had its first frost of the autumn this morning. Many people work up in central Jutland to a familiar coating on their car windscreens.

Temperatures hit minus 0.8 degrees in the region last night, and it was a general chilly start for most of the country – the first day since the spring on which many cyclists will regret not having their gloves on.

Sunny couple of days ahead
The outlook for the rest of the day is more positive, with non-stop sunshine forecast in many areas of the country, including the capital region, although temperatures are only expected to reach a maximum of 19.

Tomorrow is expected to be even warmer, though. Temperatures of 21 are forecast on what will be another gloriously sunny day.