Local Round-Up: Police continue to cordon off social spots

Mixed virus-fortunes around the city, as well as movements towards an electrifying future

With an increasing number of coronavirus infections in the city, police have opted to extend the restrictions on popular hang-out spots in Kødbyen and Nørrebroparken.

No loitering
In Kødbyen (the meatpacking district) the ban on gathering has been extended to September 30, operating between 22:00 and 02:00.

Meanwhile, restrictions will be back in force at the end of the week in Nørrebroparken. From Thursday to Saturday, the ban runs from 18:00 to 06:00, except in front of Cafe Friheden and Cafe Castro where the ban begins at 22:00.

For anyone found violating these restrictions, they may be liable to pay a 2,500 kroner fine. Ordinary, transitory activities are not forbidden in the areas, meaning joggers and dogwalkers are free to continue to use the space.

Warning zones
Alongside these restricted areas, a number of ‘warning zones’ are still scattered across the city. These include Islands Brygge, Kongens Have and Vestergade – among others.

In these areas police are paying greater attention to the behaviour of those who use the space, as people continue to enjoy Copenhagen’s nightlife despite the earlier closing time.

Wild, wild Copenhagen 
Through a new collaboration between the Copenhagen mayor and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, the capital hopes to encourage its residents to boost Copenhagen’s biodiversity. Not only does the arrangement mean the creation of new green spaces, but it will also provide scope for local enthusiasts to get their hands dirty.

Check again before you cross the road 
As of Monday, driving tests have resumed once more in Copenhagen. It follows the cancellation of all tests at the end of last week when a number of instructors tested positive for coronavirus.

Crooked construction cancelled
A construction in Bryggens Bastion has been halted at the request of the authorities. There is concern that the foundation upon which the high-rise is built is weaker than it should be, and external consultants have expressed concerns over the construction company’s calculations.

An oasis on Amager 
Whilst infections continue to rise across the country and restrictions edge into our daily lives, in one corner of Amager they will be confused as to what all the fuss is about. Despite neighbouring Copenhagen being a hotspot, the municipality of Dragør has no current coronavirus infections – joining a rather short list of municipalities that can claim the same.

Power to Copenhagen 
With demands on power increasing in the city, there are plans to build a new cable to strengthen the city’s electricity network. The cable will run beneath the sea from the Svanemølle Coupling Station through Nordhavn, Svanemølle Bay, the Øresund and finally to Amagerværket.

Christmas cancelled in Christiania 
Every year, thousands flock to the popular Christmas market in Christiania’s Grå Hal, but unfortunately this year will not be the same. Due to coronavirus restrictions, organisers have decided that the bazaar – a fixture since the 1970s – will not go ahead.

New busses to buzz about the city 
As Denmark marches ever closer to a greener future, 53 new electric buses will soon take to the streets of Copenhagen, electrifying three busy bus routes. For passengers it means a noise and guilt-free journey once the transition takes place at the end of next year.