Rain clouds are all around: Friday’s going to be wet, wet, wet

Tomorrow could be an excellent day to work at home, according to both the Danish and Norwegian forecasters

Just to put it into some kind of perspective, but when Noah got into his ark, DMI was forecasting around 20 mm of rain that day. Tomorrow it’s forecasting 51 mm in the Copenhagen area – and possibly as much as 70 mm. 

The only difference is that in Noah’s case the rain didn’t stop for 40 days and nights. Tomorrow’s deluge will last for only 12 hours.

However, it is possible that some areas in the east of Denmark might see as much as 15 mm fall in just 30 minutes.

DMI’s prognosis not for the faint-hearted


Norway concurs: it’s going to be wet
Now, some of you will be sceptical as DMI doesn’t have an amazing track record, so we double-checked with the Norwegian forecaster yr.no.

And it concurs that up to 48.6 mm of rain might fall between midday and 18:00. Then again, the amount of rain might be as little as 4.5 mm.

The forecasters both agree the rain will be a result of a low pressure system arriving from northwestern Poland and northeastern Germany, which will pass over the capital area on its way to Sweden.

Second opinion … still reads like a warning


You might need to swim home
With a 50 km margin of uncertainty, the heavy rain could conceivably miss the capital region and end up topping up the Baltic. 

Still, yr.no’s best-cast scenario is not to be sniffed at, as a forecast of 1 mm per hour will make you glad you packed your waterproofs or umbrella.

Tomorrow, though, you might consider taking a canoe into work!