Coronavirus Round-Up: New world record for getting tested for coronavirus

Elsewhere, authorities tighten guidelines on the use of facemasks

It sounds like one of those unlikely Guinness World Records we all scoff at, but a Danish citizen has been tested for the coronavirus 24 times in just two weeks, reports TV2. 

And it would appear it isn’t a one-off, as at least 1,500 people in the Region of Southern Denmark have been tested for coronavirus at least three times over the last fortnight. 

Just off to the footy
Berlingske reports it is becoming normal for people in southern Denmark to get tested before going to a wedding or a football match.

Danske Regioner and the Praktiserende Lægers Organisation are appealing for guidelines regarding who should and who shouldn’t be tested.

Aarhus witnesses upward COVID-19 curve
A total of 197 new coronavirus cases have been registered in Aarhus over the last three days, reports DR. In contrast, 260 cases have been registered in Copenhagen, which has a population twice as high. The government has set up a youth crisis management wing in response to most of the new infections occurring among young people. The wing is aiming to encourage young people to comply with the coronavirus recommendations.

One million Danes invited to a nationwide corona project
The Statens Serum Institut (SSI) contends that 1 million Danes shall be given the opportunity to test for antibodies as part of a nationwide coronavirus project, reported TV2. About 500,000 test slots are available as part of the project. The campaign aims to study the extent and consequences of the virus.

Authorities tighten guidelines on wearing masks
The National Board of Health has tightened guidelines concerning the use of protective gear amid the rising COVID-19 tally. As part of the revised guidelines, the health board urges citizens to use masks and sanity napkins in the healthcare arena. According to the new recommendations, facemasks are only mandatory in places where it is difficult to maintain distance.

Healthcare system under pressure to issue COVID-19 testing guidelines
The Danish Regions and General Practitioners’ Organisation remains under strain to issue clear COVID-19 testing guidelines, said chairman Stephanie Lose. The development came after 1,500 citizens were tested for the virus two to three times in a fortnight. A single citizen had also been tested 24 times in two weeks.

Parties and weddings at venues subject to gathering limit
The government has extended the assembly ban on gatherings of more than 50 people to private events, such as those hosted at restaurants and assembly halls, but not those hosted at people’s homes. The ban therefore applies to weddings, and the health and elderly minister, Magnus Heunicke, has advised the hosts to start shredding their guest lists. However, the ban does not apply to parties hosted in homes, or funerals. Nevertheless, the national police chief, Thorkild Fodge, has urged people to avoid hosting events that accommodate over 50 guests.