Danish PM bids Trump good luck in COVID-19 bout

Mette Frederiksen was among the many world leaders to offer the US President and First Lady a speedy recovery

As news emerged yesterday that Donald and Melania Trump had contracted the coronavirus, PM Mette Frederiksen was among many world leaders to wish the US President and First Lady a quick recovery.

Among others, Frederiksen was joined by Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, Narendra Modi and US election rival Joe Biden, who was recently involved in a controversial election debate with Trump.

“I send a warm and hopeful message to the US President and First Lady. We all hope here in Denmark that the president and first lady quickly recover and don’t suffer too many complications,” Frederiksen told DR Nyheder.

“It can hit us all and no-one is exempt. The only right thing to do is to offer well-wishings.”

Frederiksen went on to state that the world needs the US President to recover as quickly as possible.

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First MP tests positive
Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Bjørn Brandenborg has become the first Danish MP to test positive for the coronavirus.

Brandenborg, who is the spokesperson for research and education for Socialdemokratiet party, said on Facebook that he began to experience mild symptoms on Wednesday morning. 

The news comes just ahead of Parliament’s grand opening on October 6.