October Events: The Cheyenne and the Extremophiles are coming!

The Cheyenne are Leaving
Nov 13-Dec 5, Mon-Fri 20:00, Sat 17:00; Teatret ved Sorte Hest, Vesterbrogade 150; 205kr
Tanja Mastilo’s brand new play is set in a fictional world destroyed by war. The protagonist, an isolated writer, welcomes an interloper into his home. The story explores the idea of ‘home’ and how far we will go to hang on to what was once familiar.

Oct 21-Nov 21, Mon-Fri 19:30, Sat 17:00, Tue & Thu 13:00; Krudttønden, Cph Ø; 165kr, teaterbilleter.dk
In this new play by Fergal O’Byrne, That Theatre Company takes us to a remote Antarctic Research Station, where a group of researchers find themselves in a near-death situation. How many moral absolutes are there when survival is at stake?

Harry Clarke
ends Oct 31; Bøssehuset, Mælkevejen 69D, Cph K; 165kr, concessions available, teaterbilleter.dk
A sexual thriller about an American man who decides to start his life over as his British alter-ego: Harry Clarke. But how long can he lead a life of an imposter?

The Shy Manifesto
ends Oct 31; Bøssehuset; 165kr, teaterbilleter.dk
Have you ever revealed a little more about yourself than you wanted after a drunken night out, because 17-year-old Callum certainly has. This is a tale of coming to terms with yourself, accepting yourself for whoever you happen to be: shy, gay, you name it.

English Comedy Night
Nov 12, 20:00; Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, Toldbodgade 28, Cph K; 110kr, billetto.dk
This edition’s guest comic is Scott Capurro from the USA.

MIX Copenhagen
Oct 23-Nov 1; various venues & events; mixcopenhagen.dk
Running since 1986, it is one of the world’s largest LGBT film festivals in the world. As well as screenings at Cinemateket and Empire Bio, it includes various workshops and events, such as bondage classes.

BlaBla Language Exchange
Nov 5, 20:00-23:30; online event; free adm, registration required; blablalanguageexchange.com
Join the BlaBla experience and share languages with people from all over the world. Come in and practise your Danish, English, Italian, you name it! Come and share your knowledge with others.

Play reading
Oct 19, 18:30; Globe Irish Pub, Nørregade 43, Cph K; free adm
Have you always wanted to try acting, but were too shy or busy to join acting classes? Here is your chance!

Annual CPH Film Festival
Oct 23-24; Husets Biograf, Rådhusstræde 13, Cph K; free adm; annualcphfest.com
Entrance is free and it works on a first-come-first-served basis.

Spooky Space
Oct 27, 18:30; HUSET, Rådhusstræde 13, Cph K; free adm, registration required
The event is part of the Astronomy on Tap series, which aims to make astronomy and space accessible to the public through fun talks and quizzes. With Halloween around the corner, this month’s theme of black holes and dark matter is extra spooky.

Face Drawing Bootcamp
Oct 25, 15:30; Copenhagen Center, Strøget, Cph K; 250kr
Learn how to draw the structure, shape, proportions and expressions of the human face in this introductory course. Beginners are more than welcome. All material will be provided alongside snacks and refreshments. (NJB)

Improv for Beginners
Nov 1, 14:00; Ingemannsvej 3A, Frederiksberg; 1,200kr
This four-week improv course will enable you to acquire new social skills, strengthen your creativity and improve your communication – all while beating the autumn blues. It’s three hours a week.

CBS Entrepreneurial Day
Nov 5, 12:00-18:00; online event; free adm
The largest free student startup event in Denmark aims to explore transformational entrepreneurship. Guests will talk about how they transformed businesses in ways that benefited them, the company, the environment or all together at once.

Spanish Cinema Nights
Oct 21, 19:30; Husets Biograf, Rådhusstræde 13, Cph K, 70kr
Featuring ‘La Colmena’, a 1982 classic directed by Mario Camus set in postwar Spain.

Borscht Community Dinner
Oct 24, 17:00-20:00; One Bowl, Borups Alle 205, Cph NV; pay as you can
One Bowl is a non-profit community restaurant with a pay-as-you-feel concept based on equality and inclusivity. This event will feature botsch – a hearty beetroot soup and mushroom and sauerkraut rolls – and all the food is plant-based.

Bachata Tuesday Classes
every Tue, 18:00-20:00; Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, Cph K; from 40kr
Join weekly bachata classes to have fun, meet new people and move your body. No partner needed, no registration, no special equipment and no fuss. All the profits go to WaterAid – an organisation bringing water to the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in the world.

Curry & Couscous
Oct 20, 18:00-21:00; Hverdagen, Onkel Dannys Plads 9, Cph V; 40kr
Come with good vibes and join the communal kitchen. This time around it’s creamy curry with fried veggies and couscous. The event has limited seating, so come in good time, or take the food home with you.

Expat Friday Bar & Comedy
Oct 23, 18:00; Bræt, Frederikssundsvej 92A, Cph NV; free adm
Enjoy a true Danish Fredagsbar with a bit of comedy on the side courtesy of Thomas Ahlbeck.

Institute of Broken Hearts
Oct 29-31; Christianshavns Beboerhus, Dronningensgade 34, Cph K; 140kr
An immersive, interactive and performative art experience inviting all visitors down the journey through the nine circles of the broken heart. Similarly to Dante’s and Virgil’s journey through the nine circles of inferno in the Divine Comedy, the performance will move through nine rooms. (NJB)

Make your own dumplings
Oct 24, 12:30-15:30; Hot Pot Republic Copenhagen, Vesterbrogade 146, Cph K; 435kr
During the workshop you will be able to learn how to make your own Asian dumplings from scratch. Learn how to make the filling – both meat and vegan – and how to fold your creations and cook them. (NJB)

Menopause Café
Nov 5, 19:00; My Beautiful Gallery & Wine Bar; Rungsted Station; 75kr; rungstedgalleri@gmail.com
Come and discuss all things menopausal in a relaxed, respectful and confidential safe space. There is no agenda. The events are held in both Danish and English.