Government warns of new COVID-19 restrictions

Gathering limit currently stands at 50, but that could be further reduced, revealed the health minister, Magnus Heunicke

According to the health minister, Magnus Heunicke, the gathering limit in the country could be one of the options the government will focus on.

More widespread use of facemasks is also something being looked into.

“It’s these restrictions that we are familiar with and know have an impact. So we need to once again have a look at the gathering limit, which currently stands at 50,” Heunicke told DR Nyheder.

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Nothing off the table
Heunicke said that the recent spike in cases in Denmark and the rest of Europe shows that we are in the midst of a second wave. 

Thus, it is important for everyone to keep their distance, clean their hands and follow health authority recommendations.

The news comes a day after Denmark saw 630 new cases – the second-highest number of single day case registrations since the crisis kicked off eight months ago.

“The next two to three days will be critical. I won’t take any more-stringent restrictions or rules off the table,” said Heunicke.