Madsen escape sparks security tightening

Last week’s escape has seriously undermined the image of Denmark’s prison security, but that is a challenge they are seeking to overcome

When one of Herstedvester Prison’s most notorious inmates escaped last week, many questions were raised regarding Denmark’s security services.

Though his escape was short-lived, it has brought about at least some security changes at the prison.

World headlines
Claiming that he was carrying a bomb, Peter Madsen managed to wander out of Herstedvester Prison last Tuesday. He made it just 500 metres before he was again arrested.

Serving a sentence of life sentence for the abuse, murder and mutilation of Swedish journalist Kim Wall in his submarine, his is a story that has gripped the world.

Home truths
The escape caused a great deal of outrage, with the justice minister, Nick Hækkerup, requesting a statement from Kriminalforsorgen that is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.

More immediately, a reinforcement team has been sent in to boost prison officer numbers, while a ‘security task force’ has been set up to implement new measures to avoid such an event happening again in the future.