Nye Borgerlige abandons plan to reprint Mohammed drawings

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has refused to allow the party to reprint its cartoons in Danish newspapers

Nye Borgerlige (NB) has been forced to abandon plans to take out adverts reprinting two of Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammed drawings in major Danish newspapers.

The news comes after the French satirical magazine decided against permitting NB to use the contentious drawings.

“After five days of correspondence, we’ve unfortunately been unable to gain the rights to use the Mohammed drawings from Charlie Hebdo,” NB head Pernille Vermund wrote on Facebook.

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Newspapers were willing
Vermund wrote that one of the artists behind the drawings is dead and wrote in his will that he didn’t want his art associated with party politics. 

The other artist did not provide a reason for rejecting NB.

Three major newspapers – Berlingske, BT and Weekendavisen – had stated they were prepared to print the ad should they be approached. 

According to NB, the ad was meant to be a show of support for the murdered French teacher Samuel Paty. See the ad below (with the Charlie Hebdo drawings missing).