Danish PM goes into self-isolation

Mette Frederiksen joins 14 members of her cabinet in self-isolation after justice minister tests positive for the virus 

PM Mette Frederiksen will be tested for coronavirus and go into self-isolation today until test results can be obtained.

This comes after the justice minister, Nick Hækkerup, tested positive for the virus after displaying symptoms of COVID-19

A super spreader event
Hækkerup attended a meeting with ministers on October 30, where the PM was in attendance, and his positive result has caused a domino effect within Christiansborg. 

Some 14 ministers are now in self-isolation, including Jeppe Kofod, the minister for foreign affairs, and Magnus Heunicke, the minister of health.

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A government in isolation
The government has assured the public that the PM is not currently experiencing any symptoms of infection and will be continuing to work from home while in dialogue with Rigshospitalet. 

However, the question remains as to how the government will proceed with a majority of ministers, and much of their staff, unable to attend their posts. 

The government says it will be seeking solutions as to how to bring the ministers back to work as soon as possible, while still protecting their health and safety.