KU researchers propose new water theory

A small rock has changed the way we think about water on Mars

It has previously been standard scientific understanding that water has always been quite a late arrival to planets.

Now, in answering the question of where water comes from, researchers at Copenhagen University (KU) suggest it may have actually appeared much earlier.

Life on Mars
Studying the Martian meteorite known as ‘Black Beauty’, the co-author of the KU study, Martin Bizzarro, claims we can see that water originated with the creation of Mars, and not with the impact of aquatic asteroids.

“This means that life in space may have had better conditions for development than we have anticipated so far,” explained Bizzarro.

Look at those cavemen go
The study hints at a change in our understanding of the timeframe in which life-friendly conditions could have been established on Mars, and therefore the probability that life might have developed.

The study has been published in the scientific journal Science Advances. Read more about it here.