Mette Frederiksen offers congratulations to Joe Biden

The Danish PM is looking forward to consolidating ties with the future US president over the next four years

Denmark’s PM Mette Frederiksen is among the many world leaders to have reached out to the US president-elect Joe Biden in recent days.

Following a marathon of an election – which will likely be challenged in the courts by the incumbent president, Donald Trump – Frederiksen offered her congratulations to Biden over the weekend.

“Congratulations to Joe Biden with being elected the next president of the USA,” Frederiksen wrote on Facebook.

“Democracy has spoken. I hope that Denmark can now further strengthen our co-operation with the US in a number of areas, including trade, security, Arctic, climate and the global effort to curb COVID-19. I look forward to co-operating with Joe Biden for the next four years.”

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Longest diplomatic bond
Frederiksen mentioned in her post that the US remains one of Denmark’s closest allies and trade partners.

The PM also underlined that many Danes had intensely followed the US election and the two populations share a special bond.

“The diplomatic ties between our two countries go all the way back to 1801. That makes Denmark the country that has had the longest uninterrupted diplomatic ties with the US. That’s something we can be proud of,” said Frederiksen.

Additionally, Frederiksen also had some words of praise for Trump. 

“I think Trump has helped to start some important discussions, including in the area of trade,” she noted.