Denmark donates respirators to Ukraine

Some 50 respirators that aren’t needed by the Danish health services will help the eastern European country treat COVID-19 patients

In August, the state assumed control of 80 respirators from Copenhagen’s regional authorities that weren’t needed by the Danish health services.

Now it has emerged that 50 of them will be heading to Ukraine to help the country treat its COVID-19 patients.

The decision was made by an inter-ministerial taskforce made up of the Foreign Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Defence Ministry and a number of other authorities.

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Ukraine has the skills
The respirators are of the brand ChenWei and are produced in accordance with EU directives. 

The Ukrainian authorities have indicated they have the competencies required to operate the respirators.

The Defence Ministry and emergency service authority, Beredskabsstyrelsen, have been tasked with transporting the donated respirators to Ukraine.

In September, Denmark loaned out 30 respirators to Albania.