Gentofte residents have the most debt in Denmark

Meanwhile, Copenhageners are among those who have the least amount of debt across Denmark’s 98 municipalities

Gentofte municipality is often recognised as being the most affluent of Denmark’s 98 municipalities. 

But apparently, it also has the residents with the most debt per capita, according to new figures from the bank price comparer, Bankly.

Bankly’s numbers showed that Gentofte’s total debt per resident was at 1,407,339.73 kroner per person, well above Rudersdal (1,174,580), Hørsholm (1,166,905), Dragør (940,542) and Allerød (829,434), which rounded out the top five.

Gentofte’s situation is particularly buoyed by housing debt, which accounted for over 1.2 million kroner. The municipality also lead the way in personal debt in financial institutions. 

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Little debt in CPH
Meanwhile, four out of the five municipalities that had the least amount of debt per capita were all in the Copenhagen area.

Brøndby had the least amount of total debt per capita with 334,380 kroner, followed by Albertslund (347,213), Ærø (367,497), Ishøj (368,936) and Copenhagen (404,258).

As is the case with the municipalities with the most debt, housing debt accounted for the vast majority of owed finances. 

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