National Round-Up: Danish economy sees record growth

Elsewhere, Denmark leads the way in youth alcohol consumption and environmentally friendly hunting

In the wake of a second quarter that saw the Danish economy shrink significantly, Danmarks Statistik now reports that much of what was lost has been regained in the third quarter.

With record high GDP growth of 4.9 percent, the comeback has been quicker than many had expected.

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Not over yet
The coronavirus devastated the Danish economy, as it has done the world over, and so the news has excited some.

Despite this new progress, however, analyst Bjørn Tangaa Sillemann from Danske Bank remains cautious.

“It is still almost four percent off the level of activity we knew before the coronavirus hit Denmark, and the next step will not come as easily as the first because the effect of reopening will not occur again in the fourth quarter.”

Half of schools too static
According to a new study, ‘Movement in the school day 2020’, only 55 percent of Denmark’s primary and lower secondary schools meet the requirement of 45 minutes of daily movement. This figure represents little change on last years results. COVID-19 is thought to have played a role in stalling efforts to integrate more movement into Danish classrooms, with closures and guidelines affecting the extent to which movement is possible.

Denmark moves towards eco-hunting
Lead is a material with no place in nature. That is the belief of both environment minister Lea Wermelin and Danmarks Jægerforbund, with Denmark set to be the first country in the world to ban the metal’s use in ammunition. Every year, approximately 200,000 mammals are killed by hunters in Denmark – if each fatal bullet contained lead, this would correspond to 2,000 kilos of the toxic material finding its way into nature.

“Skål!”: Danish youth lead in alcohol consumption in Europe
The latest results from the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs has seen Denmark’s youth retain their crown, having been at the top-end of alcohol consumption in Europe for many years. The report shows that approximately 75 percent of 9th graders have drunk alcohol in the past month, with drinkers averaging seven sessions in that time. This puts them third on the continent, surpassed only by Germany and Cyprus.

Violent gang dissolved by the high court
The decision to dissolve Loyal to Familia, a violent Danish gang, was made by the Copenhagen City Court on 24 January 2020, and this decision has now been upheld in the Eastern High Court. It is the first time that the high court has ruled on whether or not an association is intrinsically violent. LTF has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.