State Serum Institute expects COVID-19 cases to rise 

According to a new SSI prognosis, the coronavirus situation in Denmark is set to gather momentum over the next 14 days

Just a week ago, the State Serum Institute (SSI) announced that it expected the number of COVID-19 cases to dwindle in the near future.

But today, the health experts had a very different opinion.

Over the next fortnight or so, the number of new coronavirus cases in Denmark is expected to increase nationwide, according to a new SSI prediction.

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Up to 1,350 … maybe
Using a mathematical model, the prognosis suggests the number of new cases will go up to about 1,350 on a daily basis by the beginning of December.

That figure depends on about 51,000 tests being taken every day.

Currently, the number of cases being registered daily is at about 1,100-1,200.

SSI underlined that its prognosis, which is updated every Tuesday, is subject to various uncertainties.