Coronavirus infection rise among mink workers

Authorities coy regarding whether or not workers have been infected with the mutated form of the virus

In the last week, more than 200 cases of coronavirus have been reported across six mink fur sites in the west of Denmark, according to a Twitter post by Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed.

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“Infection detection is working quickly to break chains of infection,” the agency wrote.

However, it did not state whether or not those infected had the ‘Cluster 5’ mutation – fears of which sparked the mink cull in Denmark to begin with.

Industry figures sceptical 
Many of those within the now decimated Danish mink industry have treated the news with caution. At the Sydvestjysk Pelscenter in Varde, chair Sven Pedersen confirmed that a number of employees had tested positive.

“Eighty have tested positive, but among them there are people who have never been tested. I know of at least one person where this is the case.”

He believes the test results are not to be taken too seriously, and a number of re-tests are being carried out among employees at the site.