Copenhagen to get a new bus terminal

Located at Dybbølsbro Station, the new terminal will ease the long-distance coach chaos on Ingerslevsgade near DGI-byen 

Chaotic conditions have long existed on Ingerslevsgade near DGI-byen due to long-distance coach services having to park alongside the road.

But the city, in collaboration with the Transport Ministry, has moved to solve that issue by unveiling plans to build a new terminal for coaches and buses near Dybbølsbro Station.

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My kingdom for a toilet!
The new station will have 15 parking spots for the vehicles, as well as a parking area for taxis, a drop-off zone, and upwards of 200 parking spaces for bicycles.

There will also be a kiosk and toilet facilities – something that is sorely needed at the current parking area for the long-distance services.

The terminal is expected to cost 80.2 million kroner.