Minuscule chance for a white Christmas this year

Statistics show that Denmark has only enjoyed nationwide snowfall a paltry nine times since the turn of the 20th century

Sing it with me now:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

Everywhere you go

Take a look at all that rain

Grey skies and faces in pain

Fingers and toes are … yep, still numb

Only two pairs of gloves? That’s dumb!

Should have worn those wooly socks

It’s pitch dark by 15:00 o’clock

As the wind rips right through your clothing

I think I feel hyperthermia approaching 

Yeah, Christmas is set to be another miserable weather affair this year – at least according to the national weather forecasters, DMI.

December is set to start off pretty much as described in the verse above and DMI statistics reveal that it’ll likely continue throughout the month.

At any rate, there is just a tiny chance of Denmark seeing a white Christmas – at least 90 percent of the country covered in a minimum of 0.5 cm of snow on Christmas Eve.

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A Christmas miracle?
Since 1900, the country has enjoyed nationwide snowfall on Christmas a miserable nine times.

So, taking that into account, statistically there is just a 7.5 percent chance that it will occur this year. 

The last time Denmark saw a white Christmas was in 2010. Before that it was 2009 – so two on the trot – 1995, 1981, 1965, 1956, 1938, 1923 and 1915.