Never mind the Grinch stealing Christmas … a song to feed the winter blues

‘This time of year’ is a gift from a group of Danish musicians to all the ‘Christmas haters’ out there

As we edge into December, many will already be eagerly looking ahead to the 24th and 25th.

They include young children, elf and Santa impersonators, bad chocolate manufacturers, and that sizeable segment of the population who can’t wait to see the back of it.

One group of Danish musicians have had enough of the festive cheer, and they’ve accordingly just released a new anti-Christmas anthem: ‘This Time of Year (Wake me up when December ends)’.

Rebecca Lou, Kamma, GRETA and Brimheim are standalone artists in their own right, but (a little like the wise men) they’ve come together with the queer feminist pop-punk band Girlcrush (not at all like Jesus) to record the single.

It’s a bit like Band Aid in 1984, but the “world of dread and fear” is the “world inside your window”.

The song sings of loneliness, social anxiety and familial conflict at Christmas – an antidote for those who struggle to embrace the festivities.

Christmas at home
“When I was younger, I wanted to be able to snap my fingers and December be over,” Signe Rønsov, 26, who performs under the name Kamma, explained to DR.

“The season is already dark and hard to get through for those like me who struggle with depression and anxiety, and most of all it is a period I associate with stress and anxiety that the family will argue.”

They are sentiments that all those involved in the track share – with the understanding there are many more out there who feel the same. It is exactly those people that this track is reaching out to.

“There are many things that have made me a Christmas hater,” laughed Kamma.

“But it’s okay to talk about those feelings, and that’s why we made this Christmas song so people might hear it and remember that they are not alone.”

Listen to the uncheery song here.

From the left: Rebecca Lou, Girlcrush’s Andrea Ida Pronk Jacobsen, Kamma, GRETA, and Grimheim (photo: Kamma’s official Facebook page)