Danes more prone to betting on sports than fellow Nordics

Neighbours more keen on casino games, according to report that identifies the Finns as the Australians of Europe

The average adult in Denmark spends 2,101 kroner on gambling every year, which actually ranks pretty low compared to other countries, according to H2 Gambling Capital figures. 

It would appear the Finns are the Australians of Europe, spending an average of 3,148, although the survey only included figures from the top ten markets in the continent.

Denmark ranked eighth, only ahead of Germany and Greece, while Italy, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and the UK completed the top seven.  

Slot halls more popular than actual casinos
According to Spillemyndigheden, the national regulator, people in Denmark tend to prefer sports betting (27 percent) more than their Nordic neighbours, as opposed to casino games (42) and lotteries (33). The continental averages were 17, 45 and 38 percent respectively.

Of the 42 percent spent on casino games in Denmark, four times more is spent at slot halls than actual casinos. However, while the former saw flat revenue over the third quarter of 2020, the latter’s rose by 6 percent.  

Both Finland and Norway still have state monopolies on sports betting, which are notoriously stingy when it comes to offering punters value for money.