Posted packages pile up

Record levels of online order put the pressure on parcel shops and petrol stations across the country

In a desperate bid to encourage people to collect their parcels, companies such as Bring and Shell have begun to offer prizes for those who pick up their packages promptly.

Black Friday and Christmas have seen online orders rocket, leaving parcel shelves at pick-up points across the country filled to the brim.

According to TV Midvest, 80,000 parcels are currently being processed daily in PostNord’s central office in Herning – an increase of 40 percent on last year. To cope with the pressure, an extra 450 cars have been put on the road.

Record numbers of parcels
Per Buus, sales director at Bring, tells TV2 that deliveries are up around 40 percent on the levels they saw last year.

“We have opened 200 extra parcel shops, and then we have opened six pop-up shops. It is either a container that stands in a parking lot, or we have found some empty shop premises where we can deliver the packages,” he says.

If that wasn’t enough, the delivery company has also begun to run a 1000 kroner draw every day for those who pick up their package on the same date it is delivered.

As we edge closer to Christmas, problems are only going to mount. Petrol stations across the country are depending on punctual Danes to prevent their services being overwhelmed.