Danish coronavirus infection rate record smashed three days running

Situation is far worse in Sweden, though. Far worse

The last three days have consecutively smashed the record for the most number of coronavirus cases recorded over a 24-hour period.

On Monday, there were 2,046 new cases from 78,626 tests, on Tuesday 2,150 from 77,373 tests, and this afternoon has brought another 2,558, according to Statens Serum Institut. 

The latest record came from 91,417 tests – a  2.8 percent strike rate – and comes on the back of the government’s urgent appeal last week to youngsters to get tested.

Over 300 in hospital
There are now 349 hospitalised coronavirus patients, which is five fewer than yesterday.

Of these, 39 are in intensive care and 26 are on a respirator.

Seven people died between Monday and Tuesday, and a further three between Tuesday and Wednesday, taking the death toll to 904, of which around 200 have died during the second wave.

Sweden on its knees
However, the situation is far worse in Sweden.

In the last 24 hours alone, 99 deaths have been confirmed, along with 7,061 new infections.

And it is running out of space in its intensive care units, where capacity has reached 99 percent. 

Coronavirus striking one in three when it takes hold in a community
Some 26 members of the DR Vokalensemblet og Koncertkoret have tested positive for coronavirus. The other 48 choir members have accordingly been sent home. The figures correlate with those CPH POST has learned of at an efterskole in Zealand, where 24 of the 80 students have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, along with at least eight teachers.

Government considering help of private clinics to increase testing capacity
The government might subsidise coronavirus tests at private clinics, conceded PM Mette Frederiksen in light of the urgent need to expand the capacity of the program. In recent days, the number of tests has exploded, along with the infection rate – partly as a result of the government’s resolve to test as many youths as possible before Christmas.

Two more deaths among 30s age bracket, but no deaths among under-30s
Coronavirus deaths among the under-70s are quite rare, but in the past fortnight two women in their 30s have died, taking the decade age bracket’s death toll to three. However, two of the three had chronic illnesses. So far, there have been 12,852 infections among people in their 30s. Nobody under the age of 30 has yet died of coronavirus. 

Tivoli and Bakken confirm closures
When the restrictions were announced on Monday, many were left wondering whether Tivoli would stay open, given it has a large number of restaurants, bars and relatively confined spaces. Well, yesterday the themepark confirmed the news it, and the public, had been dreading: it is closing and won’t open again until next year – most probably March 27. Bakken has today also confirmed it is closing.