Government puts takeaways back on the menu

A new agreement means restaurants have more leeway over what they can offer customers during the lockdown

Until yesterday, restaurants had been in quite the dilemma: claim government support and close down completely or continue selling takeaways.

Wage compensation was only payable if the kitchen stood empty.

Now, a new agreement means that restaurants are able to scale down to takeaway offerings without forfeiting their right to compensation.

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Every tool available 
“We are reintroducing the strongest safety net we have in the toolbox. A restaurant will thus be able to keep some staff for takeaway business, while others can be sent home on salary compensation,” said employment minister Peter Hummelgaard.

Overall, the minister estimates that it will cost around two billion kroner to expand the scheme in this way.

Other new aspects of the deal include wage compensation for subcontractors and the allowance of hotel restaurants to close on the same terms as other restaurants.

Until next year 
The agreement will run until at least 3 January 2021 and applies to the 38 municipalities closed down on the 9th.

The finances allocated, however, mean that the scheme is also expected to cover lockdowns in other municipalities.