TOMORROW matters! Copenhagen backs new sustainability festival

City hall earmarks 5 million kroner for new festival that aims to bring drivers of the global green transition together

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” Benjamin Franklin reportedly said back in the day.

And while he’s probably right, tomorrow does happen to be the focal point in this scenario – in terms of the future and in name.

Copenhagen has agreed to pony up 5 million kroner to help launch TOMORROW – a new festival geared towards sustainability and the green transition worldwide.

Scheduled to be held at Tunnelfabrikken in Nordhavn next September, the festival aims to provide an annual platform that will allow green transition drivers to meet.

 “Copenhagen has an ultra-ambitious goal of being the world’s first CO2-neutral capital by 2025. But to reach that goal, everyone must do their part – us politicians, the private sector and all Copenhageners,” said interim mayor Lars Weiss.

“So it is obvious that we must support the sustainability festival TOMORROW, which will help us all become more aware of how we can live more sustainably.”

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TOMORROW needs funds today
Aside from City Hall’s contribution, the festival hopes to attract investment from funds, the private sector, sponsors and through ticket sales.

The inaugural 2021 edition of the festival will focus on four main themes: food, clothing consumption, housing and life in the city.