Latest COVID-19 restrictions expanded to include all of Denmark

Bars, restaurants, fitness centres and cinemas to be closed in all of Denmark’s 98 municipalities as Christmas approaches

Last week, bars, restaurants, fitness centres and cinemas in parts of Denmark closed down after the government ushered in new COVID-19 restrictions in response to un uptick in infection rates. 

Now, as cases continue to mount, the government has expanded the measures to include the entire country.

The restrictions will go into effect today at 16:00 and, as was the case in municipalities encompassed last week, the restrictions will last until at least January 3.

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Health minister worried
Copenhagen and a vast number of municipalities in Zealand were already affected by last week’s measures – a total of 69 municipalities were.  

But as of today, the remaining 29 municipalities will also be hit by the imposed restrictions.

“I am seriously concerned about the developments we see across the country,” said health minister, Magnus Heunicke. 

Aside from these ‘new’ restrictions, previous measures such as mandatory face masks in public transport remain in effect – and will do so until at least the end of February.