Three reasons to lease a car

Are you looking for a new car? Then it might be an idea for you to lease a car rather than buying a car. Leasing cars can be a good idea if you want to change cars regularly and at the same time have the opportunity to drive cars such as BMW, Porsche or Volvo, which are not exactly cheap buys in Denmark. It is typically your financial situation that determines whether it is best for you to buy or lease a car. Therefore, read here why you should lease your next car and find out if it could be something for you.

You do not have ‘to settle’ when leasing a car
It is expensive to buy and own a car in Denmark due to the many and high taxes that can make even the small car a huge expense. Therefore, it can be an advantage for you who has always dreamt of the big fat sports car or the delicious, but safe, four-wheel drive, to lease your next car. Because when you lease a car, it is not you, but the leasing company that buys the car, while you pay a small one-off payment in addition to a monthly payment for driving the car. This means that for less money a month than if you had to finance a car purchase yourself, you can drive around your dream car you have been dreaming about since you were little. So you do not have to settle for leasing cars.

Get an overview of your monthly expenses when leasing a car
When you lease a car, you have control over your expenses for the car, as the monthly benefit you pay for the car gives you a full overview. The monthly benefit is all inclusive. This means that you do not have to worry about expenses for insurance, service or other things related to the car and you will therefore not get an unpleasant surprise due to an unforeseen expense. In addition, you are also basically familiar with the amount of the car throughout your leasing period. However, there may be some extra costs when you return the car if it has damage, for example. But otherwise, with a leasing car, even before you start driving in it, you will know your expenses for your entire leasing period. 

You can change cars more often when leasing cars
When you lease cars, you can change cars much more often than if you buy a brand-new car. Because when you lease a car, you commit for a certain period, after which the car can be replaced with a new one. Therefore, you can fulfill many of your car-dreams that you had as a child when you lease your cars, as you may have had several different cars over a short period of time. The fact that it can be cheaper to lease a car, rather than buying a car, also means that you can switch between much more expensive, more modern and safer cars, as you do not have to pay for the car yourself.

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