Could this be the missing link in your life? 

International women’s club Ladies’ International Network København is always on the lookout for new members

You don’t really hear much about the ‘missing link’ these days. 

No, we’re not talking about the quiz show made famous by Anne Robinson, but the hypothetical middleman between anthropoids and humans – although both are essentially fossils. 

But in Copenhagen circles, ‘missing link’ can only mean one thing: the grief felt by members of the Ladies’ International Network København (LINK), the non-profit women’s organisation founded in the capital in 1973, because so few recent events have been made possible by the Coronavirus Crisis.

Expats, repats, ex-expats
LINK, the largest English-speaking organisation open to all international women in the capital region, has over 370 members representing in excess of 55 nationalities. 

As well as expats, it is common to find many repat Danes, while others remain members (at a slightly cheaper rate!) when they leave the country.

With over 25 subgroups covering a wide range of interests, there are normally dozens of events: from walking, sports and fitness, to book, wine and lunch clubs, and also business networking gatherings.

Get involved!
Engage with LINK via Facebook to find out more and to interact with members.

The website offers monthly tips on living in and loving Copenhagen – this month’s was ‘All things Christmas’, while November’s was ‘Beauty/wellness’.

The annual membership (Feb 1-Jan 31) costs 300 kroner, or six months (Aug 1-Jan 31) is available for 175 kroner.

Committee members (back row, left-right: Juli Johnson, Nerada Watson, Carmen Scott, Vikki Lang) and the new president Cris Madsen (front row, centre), who is from Brazil and married to a Dane, at one of the Wine Bar evenings