Copenhagen hospitals vaccinating more people than scheduled 

some 200 people extra have received COVID-19 vaccinations as vials contain 1-2 doses above what was expected  

Hospitals in the Copenhagen area are ahead of their COVID-19 vaccination schedule, according to the Capital Region’s vaccine taskforce.

According to the taskforce, 20 percent more people than calculated have been vaccinated because each vial contains at extra 1-2 doses.

In short, this means that 200 people more than the expected 1,000 have gotten the vaccine so far.

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Handle with care = more doses
“It’s great news and the results from yesterday have led to us now planning that we get an extra 6 percent from each vial,” Jonas Egebert, the head of the taskforce, told TV2 News.

The reason for the extra doses is producer Pfizer/BioNTech adding a bit to account for potential spillage. 

And so to attain the excess doses, health personnel must handle the vaccine with care.