Health authority extends pause between COVID-19 injections

Sundhedsstyrelsen to follow UK’s lead and allow people wait up to six weeks before getting second dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine  

Last week it emerged that the UK will permit 12 weeks to pass between administering the first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The reason behind was that it is a way to get more people vaccinated with the first dose and thus provided some kind of protection.

Now, the Danish health service, Sundhedsstyrelsen, has  taken a similar route – with a slightly more conservative six-week waiting period recommendation.

“Until now we’ve said that there must be three to four weeks between each jab, but it is possible for six weeks to pass between the first and second dose,” Søren Brostrøm, the head of Sundhedsstyrelsen, told TV2 News.

“Then we can get more people vaccinated, now that we have fewer vaccines to start off with.”

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Applies to both vaccines
However, Brostrøm underlined that it was still preferable for the second injection to occur within three to four weeks if possible.

Brostrøm said that health experts have delved into the documentation for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and the six-week wait can apply to both.

The Pfizer vaccine is currently being administered in Denmark, while the Moderna vaccine is expected to be introduced soon.