Fewest Christmas break-ins in a decade

All the people in Denmark staying home due to the COVID-19 Crisis have apparently put off the burglars this year 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a predominantly negative impact on many avenues of life. 

But there seem to have been a few silver linings as well.

According to the DKR crime prevention council, so many Danes spent Christmas 2020 at home that yuletide break-ins were the lowest in a decade.

The number of break-ins over the Christmas period in 2020 was just 785 – a little over half of the 1,530 cases registered in 2019.

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Burglars steer clear of Bornholm
In Copenhagen there were 63 break-ins registered – down from 100 last year and considerably so from the 145 cases lodged three years ago. 

In fact, every single region of Denmark experienced a significant decrease in burglaries over Christmas in 2020.

Only the island of Bornholm, which only had one break-in 2019 and 2020, didn’t see a huge decline.

North Zealand led the way with 120 break-ins, followed by east-Jutland (118), Funen (105), mid & west-Jutland (66) and Copenhagen and the western suburbs of Copenhagen (both 63).