Denmark to introduce COVID-19 vaccine passport

Aviation and event sectors are relieved as the Health Ministry works towards an early 2021 launch

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are well underway in Denmark, the government is going to introduce a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

The Health Ministry revealed that it was looking to launch the initiative sometime in early 2021.

The passport will be a ‘self-print’ solution available on and initially it will be used to assist people travelling.

The passport will be identical to the test pass already obtainable at (see image below).

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Aviation sector flying
The aviation industry is naturally pleased at the vaccine passport prospect as it would mean more people being able to fly again.

The event industry is also excited as it provides documentation needed to perhaps enable COVID-19-free festivals this summer.

There are also digital test and vaccine passports being developed internationally.

For instance, the World Economic Forum has linked up with a Swiss firm to develop CommonPass – an app that transforms an individual’s COVID-19 status into a QR code that can be easily scanned in airports.

Many of the big airlines, including United, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have been testing the app solution.