Denmark surpasses 2,000 COVID-19 deaths

It took just over one month to register the second 1,000 fatalities, according to State Serum Institute figures

According to the State Serum Institute (SSI), over 2,000 people have now died from COVID-19-related illness in Denmark.

Another 27 people succumbed to the illness yesterday, bringing the death total since March last year up to 2,010.

It was just over a month ago (December 18) that Denmark surpassed 1,000 fatalities.

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Bound to improve
One expert contended that the high number of deaths this month are a result of the high infection rate just before Christmas.

“It takes some time before the infection reaches the elderly in care centres. So the death rate first increases later – after we’ve registered the high infection rates,” Viggo Andreasen, an associate professor of mathematical epidemiology at Roskilde University, told Ritzau.

Andreasen calculates that the daily death rate in Denmark will slowly fall to between 0 and 15 in the coming weeks. 

Currently, 738 people are hospitalised, including 123 in intensive care wards and 78 on respirators.