COVID-19 restrictions not going anywhere in near future

Health minister Magnus Heunicke says not to count on measures being eased in early February

The current set of COVID-19 restrictions are scheduled to be in effect until at least February 7. 

And the public might as well prepare itself for an extension to that date, according to the government. 

Health minister, Magnus Heunicke, told TV2 News that the public shouldn’t count on the measures being eased any time soon.

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B117 to dominate soon 
“We can’t complete the big reopening plan in the coming weeks, as it is critical keep the infection levels as low as possible when the British mutation takes over,” Heunicke told TV2 News.

The British mutation – also known as B117 – is estimated to be a more contagious variant and is expected to be the dominant strain in Denmark by the middle of February.

The news comes in the wake of Denmark’s COVID-19 vaccination strategy being thrown into doubt after new vaccine delays.