Youngest kids going back to school

From next Monday, grades 0 to 4 will return to the classrooms 

As indicated by the government last week, the younger children will be returning to school next week. 

Following new calculations by the State Serum Institute (SSI), it was revealed last night that grades 0-4 will return to the classroom on February 8.

“It’s a delicate operation. A very careful reopening due to the British COVID-19 mutation continuing to grow in Denmark,” said the health minister, Magnus Heunicke.

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Big money at stake
The decision was made based on SSI taking a closer look at the health-related consequences of letting the youngest kids return to school.

SSI estimates that doing so would not make a significant difference to the COVID-19 infection rate.

The news also follows a report that showed that the Danish economy is losing around a billion kroner a week in lost production due to young children being unable to attend school.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to make its facemask restrictions more stringent as part of the transition. 

From February 8, facemasks will be compulsory indoors for parents and other visiting adults in daycare centres, schools and SFO.

School kids from grades 0-4 have been kept out of school since December 21.

Older kids will remain out of school until at least February 28, as per the latest restrictions.