All systems go: Denmark’s vaccination program passes Big Friday with flying colours!

A record 35,900 got a jab on February 26

Friday February 26 was D-Day for Denmark’s vaccination program, and it passed with flying colours!

It surpassed its target of 35,000 jabs across the country to manage an impressive 35,900. The previous daily record was 19,718 on January 6.

The total demonstrates Denmark’s potential to vaccinate the approximate 50,000 a day needed to protect 2 million healthy people between the ages of 16 and 65 between mid-April and June 27.

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Well ahead of the world
Friday’s total means that as of this afternoon some 429,887 people in Denmark have received their first jab, so 7.4 percent of the population, of which 184,435 (3.2 percent) are fully vaccinated.

Some 12,346 doses were administered between Sunday and Monday lunchtime.

In comparison, just 2.27 percent of the world’s population have received a jab, and 0.69 percent (53.5 million people) have been fully vaccinated.