School children could begin testing themselves for COVID-19

PM Mette Frederiksen has looked to Austria for inspiration in an effort to further open up schools in Denmark

Mette Frederiksen was in Israel this week with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in an effort to get more COVID-19 vaccines to Denmark.

And it seems that the Danish PM has gleaned an idea or two from her Austrian counterpart while on the trip.

Frederiksen has revealed that Denmark could follow in the footsteps of Austria and arrange for its school kids to begin testing themselves for COVID-19.

“I’ve returned home with inspiration from Austria, which has opened its schools by, among other things, enabling their children to test themselves,” she wrote on Facebook.

“If we can do this in Denmark – resulting in more kids back in school – it would be really good.”

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Negotiations ongoing
Frederiksen hopes to discuss the matter with Parliament as part of ongoing negotiations pertaining to the country’s next reopening phase.

The PM is due to meet with the leaders of the other parties in the coming week.

In Austria, the testing of all children from kindergarten to high school has been part of the reopening process since last month. 

Last week, the country ordered 24 million self-tests to assist in that strategy. The tests have been available for free in the nation’s pharmacies.