Green light for efterskole students to return on March 15 – report

Meanwhile, years 5-8 should be able to attend school for at least one day a week

All efterskole and folk high school students will be able to return from next Monday, reports BT.

Sources close to the negotiations between the government and its allies claim a deal has been struck, and that an announcement is imminent.

The confidence of the government has been attributed to the stable infection rate of late. 

One day a week
In addition, the second phase of Denmark’s reopening will enable grades 5-8 to return to school, but for one day a week only. 

As things stand, grades 0-4 are back at school, as well as efterskole students and grade 9’ers (at a capacity of 50 percent) on Bornholm and in north and west Jutland.

It is unknown what will happen to grade 9’ers across the rest of the country. No decision has been made yet.